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About Fayetasia Customs

Thank you so much for visiting my patreon! If you're considering becoming a patron, double thank you! If you are one of my patrons, TRIPLE thank you!!! 

I am a doll artist. I love creating character designs and bringing them to life as dolls. I love fantasy and sci fi and historical and original characters and... pretty much anything I'll try at least once haha.

As a patron you'll get extra content by me as well as giveaways and getting to know me as an artist! I will try to post as much content as often as possible, as most of you probably already know, there is a little twerp named Faye that takes up alot of my time and attention lol. 

Thank you again and i hope to get to know you real soon!
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It's so exciting that we reached our first goal! Thank you all for your amazing support! It sounds corny, but it really does mean so much to me. Our second goal will be to help pay for supplies such as MSC and pencils and fabric and other fun things so I can create better and better dolls! Once we reach that goal I will host another Patron Exclusive giveaway!
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