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Hiya everyone!My name is Nneoma Ukandu and I am a Student, Artist, Aspiring Architect and Aspiring Youtuber.
I've been doing art alot of my life in my free time here and there and also at college.
As Art is my favorite hobby I want to expand my range of mediums in Art, I also want to create youtube videos where I can create Speed Drawing, Makeup Tutorials, Vogls and Tutorials on how I do my paintings ect, I also want people to suggest me drawing to do. 
But I can't do so without equipment or a proper camera and with no job and the deep struggle I am in to get job ( I have spent more than a year endlessly applying for jobs, only to get the dreaded "Unfortunately...")
I cannot fulfill my dream...and also pay off my College course..

Upon finding Patreon, my sunken heart lifted as I feel this is a website where I'll be able to kickstart my aspiration, make other people smile and create art for the world to see. What drew me in is that Patreon lets users donate to projects regularly helping people businesses and projects  grow and develop, I feel as though this is better than kick starter for me because funds go to one big goal where as the use of Patreon will allow me to make my Arts and Videos every week or day or so with the fund you lovely people can give to me and in exchange I will give you Videos, Drawing, Photography, Vlogs, Speed Drawings, One on One chats About my Artwork, tutorials, drawing or Painting requests and my Gratitude, Appreciation and Love.

Please Donate hatever amount you would like to, anything and everything is cherished in my heart of hearts. <3

$0 of $60 per month
When I reach this goal I will be creating lots of different media paintings and drawing and will also introduce commission pictures!
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