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I can write you a nice short tune just for one dollar, i could do it for 0,50 but it's not possible :(. I'll probably finish writing your tune in max two weeks altho 1st of August im out for 10 days so i wont be working i those days. Contact me on fb or here or anywhere where i can send you the track, we can also chat if you feeling sad or depresst :)

note: this is not me on the picture



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i play bass, i don't have youtube channel (yet) and i don't preforme live (yet) but if for some reason you want to help me, pls do. Courrently im saving money for Thunderbird bass from ephiphone/gibson/whatever, they go for around 500 bucks. If you donate atleast a cent i can write a nice short tune just for you. I don't know how im gonna send it to you but im sure we'll figure something out :) 

i made my backround in paint, pls don't laugh, im a bassist not an artist...
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If im gonna make 500 bucks here imma buy myself a Thunderbird vintage tabacoburst, hell yea

oh and i will probably give you something cool, iduno what
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