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Howdy, I'm Louis Frank, sometimes known as Wom-bat or Feezlekahn, and this has been a long time coming.  While I have done art for comics in the past, including art that has appeared in Atomic Mouse, Furrlough, Nautilus, Shanda the Panda, and a couple of back up stories for Extinctoners (featuring both my art and writing).  I have always wanted to do my own comics in some format for years.  It's time to put up, or shut up.

What you will find here is my first real attempt at my own long form comic strip, Walkabout.  Walkabout is the kind of strip I like to read, a slice of life comic with some adventure and a touch of the fantastic.  Also, it probably won't take itself too seriously, then again, who knows where the story will go?  I may also throw in some side stories that may, or may not have anything to do with the main strip and some random strip sized art.  All in all, I plan to have fun with this and hope you will too.  Oh, why a strip instead of full comic pages?  I'm not sure, I just like the format.

My Patreon supporters will have the opportunity to see the strips and artwork first, everyone else can see them a few days later on my tumblr page, Walkabout OnlineMy Patreon supporters will also get to see some (possibly) exclusive behind the scenes art, like unfinished pages that got scrapped for one reason or another.

A word on updates.  My plan was to update twice a week, ideally Tuesday and Thursday, with two single strips, or on Wednesday with one double strip (the size of two single strips).  Now I'm not sure how often I'll be updating, I'll try to make it worth your time and money. This is all new to me, though, so there may be times I have to skip an update, you  know, for reasons.

With that said, this is where Patreon comes in.

I can't do this alone,  Patreon will allow you to help me create the stories I post by.  Don't get me wrong, the comic will be free to read elsewhere, but if you want to help keep Walkabout on it's toes, any amount would be greatly appreciated.
$20 of $50 per creation
A random wallpaper featuring a character from the strip, or just a cool pic for your amusement.  Can't promise this will be a monthly thing, but I'll try.

Pictures will be SFW
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts

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