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You're the cat's meow!  Thanks for your support.  It makes me really happy to know someone likes my fiction!  You get to read new stories a week before anyone else!

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You make me purr!  At this tier, you can submit a story seed for a new work of fiction EXCLUSIVE to this tier and above!  Seed will be selected via a Random.org draw.

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You make me ROAR!  I'm so proud to have someone willing to support me further!  At this tier, you can submit a story seed to me once a month to be written into a full-fledged work, exclusive to this tier and above. I'd love to bring your ideas to life!

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About Felicat

Hi.  I'm Felicat, and I'm a crazy cat lady.  (No, not the one your mom warned you about.)  I'm crazy about my cats, really the most important thing to know about me.  Oh, I fancy myself something of a writer. That's also kinda important.  I make videos for YouTube as well. Right now I'm unemployed, and it's hard on me (and the cats), but I'm hoping maybe this can make things a little easier.  I put a lot of time into everything, though sometimes I can't come up with anything new, or good.  But when it DOES hit me.....BAM!

You should know that my characters don't belong to me-sure, I write down the things they do and say, but I don't own them, any more than I own the stars or the moon.  No, they're not existing characters or anything.  What I mean is-they live, in their own respective universes, and I just....put down what they do.  I don't know how they translate it to me, they just do.  Sometimes.  (See my above note on lacking things to write.)  They can go for weeks or months without giving me anything to work with!  But when they do, I'll share it here.  Oh, and $3+ patrons can submit story seeds to fuel a new work of fiction.  These stories will be exclusive to that tier and above.
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When I reach $25/month, the community can choose a game for me to play!  If I don't own it, I'll add it to my library JUST FOR YOU!  <3  Console titles are excluded if not also available on PC.  Sorry-I have no way of recording them.
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