Felisha Marie

is creating drawings, comics, and realistic portraits
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Here's a shout out through all social media along with a drawing of any TV or movie character of your choosing! :D
What If, you got to be around any of your favorite fictional characters?
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I've got you covered on that! 

I'll illustrate that out for you. All you have to do, is DM me your profile picture or your face and who you want to hang out with. It could be TV characters, movie characters, or cartoon characters.

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Shout outs on twitter, Instagram, and live-streaming.

Random character, my style
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Pick any character and I'll put my own spin to them, some may have more than one outcome. I'm just full of ideas and styles, I can't pick just one 'u'

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About Felisha Marie

Hey everyone, I'm just a young artist from a small town with big dreams of working at disney or at least let my art be seen by millions.

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For my followers (friends and family)
This is another place where you can support me and help me get to where I need to go and do what I so passionately want to do. Create stuff for friends, support them, and make a living off my drawings.

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 I love to draw and make art for people. I want to make more with better quality and eventually start making animations. It's been my dream to get into animation and just have my own art studio, but never had the money to do so. I've mostly been making art traditionally, pencil and paper, I'm aiming to master digital art, hopefully by using a pen and tablet.

Thank you so much for checking out my page, this means so much to me. I hope you'll help out and enjoy your reward(s). :3 <3
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This will help me keep and post animations through Adobe Flash
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