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Hunting down historical lady scientists is hard, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

I started the Femmes of STEM podcast in order to combat the false narrative that women, especially women of color, are newcomers to the world of STEM. In reading articles about modern day lady scientists, I get the feeling that people think women are being given the opportunity to join the ranks of male academics only now in the 20th century. Well, friends, not only do historical women in STEM exist, but they didn’t wait to be given the opportunity to excel in science. They, like women in STEM today, made the opportunities.

Through the Femmes of STEM podcast, I try to share the stories of these women! Each episode features a new guest who joins me to talk about a historical woman in her field of STEM.

What began as an audio project has quickly expanded into a growing website and visual resource for learning about history, feminism, science, and their intersection!

Support received via Patreon will go towards maintaining the cost of the project (web and audio hosting) and paying for the start up costs (recording equipment).

If you're looking for Femmes of STEM merchandise, you can find it on our RedBubble store.

If you can't afford to support the project monetarily, you can still support by following on social media or leaving a review for the podcast! Thank you Femmes and Friends <3

Update: Historical Women in STEM database launching Mid-May 2018!
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$50 a month will help cover the basic operation costs of hosting the Femmes of STEM website and podcast!
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