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About Fen

Hello there! My name is Fen and I've been painting miniatures on and off since 2008.  In recent years I've spent additional time concentrating on techniques to develop my ability further and improve the quality of my work more and more.  I'm keen on being able to do this at least part time and also pass on what I have learnt for others to use and refine further.

In addition I put out 1 or 2 weekly articles on Kingdom Death, covering various strategies, discussion of parts of the game and similar thoughts.

Discord Community is over at: https://discord.gg/rVtu8Bg

Community Rules:
1. Don't be a dick
2. Do not share my patreon locked content with others, this breaks the covenant between us as a community.
3. Unless you have my express permission, basing your own custom homebrew content on mine or on my patron's requests will result in you being removed from my patreon and discord without warning.
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