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If you contribute $1 or more per month for six months, you'll earn our undying gratitude for supporting speculative fiction authors. Oh, and you also get two supporter badges. One is in digital form for you to proudly display on your blog, site, tumblr, tumbulrrre, Facebook, Jumbotron, or Turalian Pixelbeast. The other is a dead tree version delivered to you in meat space, complete with adhesive backing for application to the surface of your choice. Yep, it's a sticker.
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You'll receive the monthly ebook edition of Fiction Vortex for free. Each month we compile the stories and articles into epub, mobi, and PDF format with cover art by Niels Christensen. (You also receive the previous tier rewards.)
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If you contribute $6 or more per month for eight months, you are truly, verifiably awesome, and we'll send you a Fiction Vortex t-shirt that's sure to make all your friends, acquaintances, and former Lit professors envious. Your name will also appear on the Super Supporter page of our website and monthly ebook. Basically this is certification that you are the coolest frood that ever perused Patreon. (You also receive the previous tier rewards.)




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For two years, Fiction Vortex has fostered great authors and engaging speculative short stories, and we want to keep doing just that. But the hex of the great demon Hosting Costs and the mech-suited zombie army of the evil General Return on Investment have been hitting us hard. 

We need your help.

In the past, a generous and benevolent patron has helped us cover costs, but those days are coming to a close, and it was never a good strategy for growth, anyway. You see, we're doing this all for the love of writers. We love their stories, of course, but the real joy comes from giving great writers a chance to see their prose out in the wild digital yonder. With that joy comes a great desire to pay those writers what they deserve, and it has been one of our greatest regrets that we haven't been able to pay more than token rates so far. 

Here's where you come in. We know you love great writers and great stories as much as we do, and we know you would love to see those writers get their due. So, with your monthly subscription, you can help us pay authors more for their work. The goals on the side explain exactly how much we need to reach that stage, including the goal to pay $0.06/word, which is the industry standard for professional short fiction sales. 

We want to emphasize that none of this money goes in the pockets of FV staff, only the writers we publish. We've always put blood, sweat, tears, and (occasionally) our own money into this, and that won't change. Unless our generous subscribers donate in excess of $1 million, at which point we promise to abscond with the money at our earliest convenience and blow it all on Star Trek memorabilia and illegal sabacc gambling. Until such time, though, the money all goes to authors and (infrequent) site maintenance costs.

Go check out some of  the amazing stories that have taken up residence on our site, and then subscribe here to help us pay awesome authors.

What We Provide

We publish a new short story every Tuesday, and publish book reviews and related articles on a monthly basis. All stories are available for free on our site.

What You Get

The satisfaction of knowing you helped an author feel awesome, as well as the intangible but not insignificant long-distance high five of said authors. We know, it sounds cheesy, but it's honestly why we're doing it and we know you want to support great authors and great stories, too.
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This covers the costs of our current system, which includes token payment to authors and cash prizes for the Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice awards.
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