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About Fields Family Five

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a tool, a virtual tip jar, to allow anyone the opportunity to support our mission of sharing that Family Is a Blessing.

What Do We Do?
We share our family with other to spread the message that "Family is a Blessing". We share our family with others who do and don't have the family they dream of to promote Christian family values.

Why is a Family Vlog important?
We feel passionate about sharing our family because a family has the power to shape your life. I (Jacob Field a.k.a. Dad) grew up in a single parent home with plenty of the struggles that go along with it. I loved and valued family, but it wasn't until families from the church began to share their family with me that I began to have faith and hope for my future. A family from church became my second family and it really helped. I recognize that there are so many other people out there that grew up without a great example of what a family could or should be. So we dream that our family might become the second family of children and young people who want to see what a blessing family can be. We also dream that our family might become family for those grown-ups who don't yet have or never were able to have a family of their own. You can be in our extended family. 

Our Family
Kim Fields (a.k.a. Mommy) - is a proud Texan from birth, who grew up in the little town of Monahans and got her Bachelors Degree from McMurry University in 2003. Kim is the All-Star Cheer Director at North Texas Tumble and Cheer in Argyle Texas, and does home health physical therapy as a P.T.A. 

Jacob Fields (a.k.a. Daddy) - is also a proud Texan but grew up in the suburbs the DFW area in Arlington/Mansfield. He has Bachelors Degree from McMurry University in 2009 and a Masters of Divinity from Perkins at SMU in 2017. He serves as the pastor of Blue Mound UMC in Denton, Texas.

George Fields (a.k.a. The Original) - George was born in January of 2013 and is a great oldest brother. George can be shy, or he can talk non-stop. He likes order and patterns which allows his young brain to excel at puzzles, legos, and gymnastics.

Jordan Fields (a.k.a. The Remix) - Jordan was born in June of 2014 and is a great protector of his siblings. Jordan loves to sing, is a really affectionate little guy, and he loves everybody 10. Jordan is a little more abstract than his brother George but he also really enjoys gymnastics. 

Madeline Fields (a.k.a. The Rose) - Madeline was born in September of 2016 and came with a great deal of complication. Madeline loves her bubbas, though they can be overwhelming at times. She has a huge personality and really enjoys cameras, she may have a future on YouTube herself.

Jacob and Kim met at First United Methodist Church of Abilene in 2007 and were married in 2009, before moving to the DFW to begin their family together. 

Pledged Support
Your pledge of $__ /per month goes a long way in making it possible for us to make videos. It takes time, equipment, and energy to share our family in this way. The more support, the further the efforts can go. 

Please ensure that any pledge of support is over and above what you are contributing to your local church. 

Thank you for your support

** Contributions do not earn you additional Jesus points, tickets to heaven, good karma, or even additional prayer attention (if you need prayer you don't need to be a contributor, just send me your prayer request**
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