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Even the smallest owl can make a difference in my fight! Here is the line where you will get pre view of Content before it gets released to everyone!
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You are clearly the cute one of the group... You also get pre view of Content! Thank you!
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I know you are a very busy owl but hear me out! You will get early access at this point and the pre WIP content! Thank you so much!




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About me

Thank you for checking my creator page out!
My name is Felicitas Brämer and i am a very patient Game developer.
Patient as in "doing this for a while" terms.

I am creating games for about 11 years now and i managed to get a degree in arts!
Sadly tho in all these 11 years i was always met with heavy limitations.
I yet have to get a proper Desktop PC to work with, all my videos are usually just recorded on external friends hardware.

In July this year i managed to get hold of a job as a coder and technical artist but sadly my Health was playing that game well.
I quitted that job early september because of very heavy health issues occuring while work.
I am suffering from a "hard to track down" pain disorder, which sadly makes everything alot harder at times.

Where your money goes

Creating games costs alot, time, energy and money.
I learned alot about keeping the costs low but that was only a symptom of not having money in the first place.
The job i had as a coder was very intensive, there was not alot time or energy left in the evenings.

Your money could slowly turn my tides into something more effective and healthy.
It would be a dream to create Games as a fulltime job.

I will continue creating work, games and content!
And donating to me will give you alot of insights and bonusses over outside people.
You will be able to give feedback on things that arent even announced publicly yet for instance.
Or be able to test things out very early.

I even thought about a discord one day, that way i can handle you all on a more direct faster way!

What i already created

This is only a small chunk of everything but i hope it gives an idea of what goes on in my head overall.
I created alot of this in a small amount of time and i am obsessed with details/feeling/looks.

I Create 3Dmodells, Textures, Code, Gamedesign... 90% of what you see here was created by me.
Light and sound effects are the main ingredient for every good atmosphere.
My games are very driven by ideas or stories, everything is affected by it.
I love gameplay that is "declunked" so i try to code it that way.

$0 of $100 per month
Breaching this would be a first and it would be the most amazing thing ever!

With this i dont have to worry anymore about eating... At this point i hopefully got myself a small job to for my basic costs.

When this happens i will hopefully be in early development with a new team!I will start sharing demos for you guys to test out!
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