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Remember when you were a kid, and they told you you could do anything? I never gave up on that. I was never told no.

I saw Easy Allies who I'd been following for a long time before their Patreon days when they were at GameTrailers. I remember when Geoff Keighley was there he mentioned as a journalist he wanted to go investigatively deep into games considering the lack of investigative journalism in the industry. It's still niche, not a lot of people know. Another correspondent, Annoyed Gamer suggested in order to make it, 'You know what? Write a blog! Just start writing right now!' So in 2012 I did, then it became a website earlier this year.

It's a hobby of mine really. I don't know how good I am or what my content is worth in this era. That is for the community to decide. Really I wish you could give two cents. I am pursuing a degree in Communications and Film and sometimes I put my project work on that website. I have a friend who contributes and might get more. I might even get you.

Anyways, wish me luck. With it I can garner a positive influence in film and games and help steer the industry towards a richer, more inclusive light.
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