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Filthy Fairy Sundries & Treasures is the creation of Jenn Owens, a little bit of magic and the letter C. That is Jenn with two N's because they came in a pair and should stay in a pair. While we'd like to say there is some great cosmic inspiration behind the shop, it mainly came about out of the driving need to create. In the interest of sanity (and keeping sane really is in everyone's best interest...most of the time), Jenn brings forth her creations from the abyss known as imagination and into the really real world through her soaps, crochet and jewelry. In the best interest of sanity for her husband (a sane husband is a happy husband), Jenn created a shop to share her creations with the rest of the world. It does keep the producers of Hoarders away, after all. It's a delightful whirlwind of creative chaos, insanity and night owlery all rolled into one neat package. Welcome to Filthy Fairy, enjoy the ride.
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