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Statism is the belief that an organization with a territorial monopoly on arbitration enforced by  violence is somehow not only necessary but legitimate. Belief that some people can get away with crimes if they call themselves a government!

Belief not borne of educated hypothesis or a-priori logic, but pure, utterly irrational dogma with no basis in fact. Statism is the most dangerous religion in existence.

I critically examined the State. It's theology, it's rituals, procedures, and actions. Why it can't function and how it's an active danger to our families and ourselves. But none of that would matter without you all. You, who show my videos to your friends and family. You're the ones who get the word out. That expose people to ideas like freedom! Non-aggression and a voluntary society. Prosperity the likes of which none of us could possibly imagine!

We can achieve true freedom in our lifetimes.

Thank you for your continued support, by liking my content, sharing it with your friends, family, and to people online, and by subscribing to my channel. Your support is planting your flag. Making your stand against thieves and murderers who call their crimes 'legitimate.'

Take a stand. 
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