Brendan Suitor

is creating Animated Music Videos for Games, Movies, TV and Anime. Mashups,
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My Name is Brendan, im 34 and I have been creating video content for 10 years.
It started as a emotional outlet, a way of venting. as I improved I started creating more and more complicated creations, it evolved into videos about specific subjects or forms of entertainment, be it in animation, gaming, movies, music - what holds my personal interest.
I'm self taught and if I had the time and finances I would be creating content fulltime.
My hope is to one day create videos showing and discussing how I go about making these videos, the preparation, the cutting, special effects as well as how I include sound to accompany the action.
I would also like to branch out into making original content of myself discussing the in's and out's of video editing, id love to do 'Let's plays' or 'Movie reviews' but currently i am only able to create content during my freetime, which as I'm sure you will agree; as you get older starts to become more and more limited.

thank you for taking the time to learn a little something about me.

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currently all my videos are created on a 4 year old laptop, its done a great job but i need something more powerful before i can evolve any further.
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