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Wondering why my Patreon page won't load. Did I piss someone off? 
$0 of $500 per month
Approach a basic monthly living income level from my photography that will help me keep doing it

Let me be real honest here: I'm old. I live entirely on Social Security and a very small pension from the State of Washington.

There. I said it. Really. Low-income/fixed-income. That's me. No shame.

I actually get paid next to nothing for my photography.

The Father-Daughter Dance, Oscar Night on Vashon limo ride reprints only, Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation reprints, maybe two school dances a year at Vashon Island High School. If you call two bags of Pirate Blend coffee getting paid to shoot a school dance. That's it.

None of the sports programs or any of the Island events I love to photograph have any sort of budget to pay me for my time.

(In fact, a lot of the Vashon Island High School games cost me the ASB fee to get in. Which is fine, but it's also money I have to pay out at the same time. And then there's software. Adobe Creative Cloud and all that. And website hosting. And...)

The original plan was to make money selling reprints, but let's be honest: no one buys physical prints of photos any more.

And no, I'm not going to be showing my photography at the Hardware Store or the Blue Heron any time soon. If you're familiar with my photography, I'm a "craft" photographer, not a "art" photographer. You won't see any of my photography priced at $2000.00 per.

"Well, you've got all that fancy camera equipment. How do you manage to pay for all that?"

hahaha... Yeah. Credit card debt. No. Seriously. I'm able to cover the monthly minimums right now, but barely. Barely.

So. I need some help. Money help. Not a lot of help, but some. Anything, really.

I want to keep doing what I'm doing and what I love to do, and what I think (quite frankly) I'm pretty good at, but I need some help financially.

Your help. If I'm lucky.
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