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per Each kaleidoscope I create from my photos
Upon completion of my matting goal, I will send an 8x10 print which the contributing patron may select from my  archive
per Each kaleidoscope I create from my photos
Upon completion of my Camera goal, I will, with my new camera, take the first photo, create a kaleidoscope and make it into an exclusive pendant for contributing patrons to celebrate my return to full capability.




per Each kaleidoscope I create from my photos

About Deborah Austin

I am a painter, kaleidoscope artist, a photographer, writer, knitter, etc. I say etcetera because I really try anything that catches my fancy. I've tried acrylic pour painting, painting on glass (a work in progress), painting on jewelry (far more successful) , dot painting, primitive painting. I am currently working on illustrating a children's book that was written by a dear friend.
In photography I've done HDR photos, a blending of three different exposures of the same shot to create a perfectly exposed picture, I've done long exposure scenes, macros, landscapes, spontaneous portraits, architecture shots and much more. I am currently the lay photographer for a local non profit theater of which I am part.
I have written six novels, three of which are currently on Kindle. Two of those three are part of a four part AU Loki fiction series of which I am proud, to hell and be damned with the detractors. I am currently working on an original science fiction novel called Transperience.
I have knit everything from great shawls to little teddy bears, I am currently building up my inventory of cotton bush cloths and double thick hot pads because it is what interests me at the moment.
As you see, my work is multi dimensional, my interests vast but nothing is possible without the materials to continue my projects and sustain me. The funding I receive from patrons will allow me to travel further for my photo trips, they will allow me to start working in more precious metals like sterling silver when I create my pendants and bracelets. Funding will buy canvas, paint and new brushes. It will buy yarn, and needles, space at craft shows where I sell my wares but most of all it will push me to further create, drawing off input and ideas from the people who enjoy my art. Thank you in advance for being a patron.
$0 of $200 per Each kaleidoscope I create from my photos
I began painting after a very long hiatus and thus started with the lower grade of acrylics but as I've progressed, I've found thrift does not always equal quality. You have to spend money to make it. Therefore this money will be spent upgrading my paints and getting some new brushes.
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