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is creating music and comedy skits
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That's great
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  • You get to watch me carry on doing what I love
  • You get access to The Discord server
  • Shout-out in description and end of video 
I don't know why you would do that
per creation
  • Early access to new music
  • You can help with new videos and music
  • Plus all previous rewards
I think you meant £2, That would be silly. dick
per creation
  • Can play with me and other people I play with in my videos ,only if you are in the discord server tho
  • Watch the autistic way I edit my videos on weekly discord stream (if i figure out how)
  • Free The Herac T-shirt
  • Plus all previous rewards




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$0 of $300 per null
£300 by the end of the year
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