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Thanks for checking out my Patreon page and supporting The Arts.

I’m Nicholas Caputo, an eclectic musician from Gainesville, Florida recently transplanted to Denver, Colorado, wielding an accordion and spreading good cheer.

The arts scene in Colorado is rich with culturally diversity and has given me an opportunity to explore Balkan tunes and consider the ways in which being an artist may support community. 

I have been playing the accordion now for 8 years, mostly self taught and eager to bring the accordion into public spaces. I’ve played the accordion across the country, from dive bars to the Grand Canyon, Appalachian mountainsides to public transit stations in Miami. Breathing life into places, be they mundane or sublime, with the accordion gives me a sense of being alive, of giving to the world in a way that lightens hearts 💕 

But now it’s serious—

On the back of an artistic revamp last year, I sold most of my things and toured across the country. I slept in all kinds of strange places and gravitated to Colorado where the street performance is rich and housing is...super expensive?

Not a top pick for a starving artist...


While playing a Russian folk song on Pearl Street in Boulder I was lucky enough to find Planina, an Eastern European choir that performs traditional songs from the Balkans and Russia singing for an international festival. Planina became the reason I moved to Colorado in the coming months.

In this group, I’ve really begun to understand my love for Musicology and the study of culture through song. Through this study the threads that unite us as humans and fellow beings continue to become clear, even if we speak in different tounges. 


Planina is going to Bulgaria to study traditional songs and I’m doing all the things in my power to get there to learn and be immersed in the experience of musicology. 

First I head to Mendocino, California to participate in the Eastern European Folklife Center’s ( Balkan Music and dance camp from June 21-June 30


I’ve got a flight to Paris in July and I’m planning on playing the accordion across Europe until I reach Sofia. From Sofia we travel to a little Bulgarian village called Breznitsa where I will sing and dance with the members of Planina. We’ll be learning songs to bring back to Colorado and playing festivals along the way. I’m bringing the accordion, a field recorder, and very little beyond that. 

From there I will make my way to Italy in hot pursuit of the songs of my family’s heritage and the playing styles that feel like home to me on the accordion.

Then I come back to the states to play the Cotati Accordion festival In Cotati, California at the end of August. 

This is a journey I want to share!

4% complete
We gotta fly and get an accordion to a from. 

When we reach this goal there is no turning back!

Put your arms out, flap!

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