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is creating A community for those wishing to learn Overwatch Competitive
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About Yoko.Ahzu of Fire Overwatch

The goal of Fire Overwatch is to just have a community where we can help each other and grow bonds with other users and to just have fun playing the game. We want people to be able to reach that next ring of the ladder without having to pay 10/20/30$ or more an hour and not really seeing any results, and in general make more friends.

As you all hopefully know, what we do here is free. We set up this community out of our own time and just dedication to help the Overwatch community to become better at their favorite game for free. Over time, almost two years now we've built this amazing community of 1300, almost 1400 members who can come in each day, ask questions and receive help without having to chase down coaches throwing money at them and getting mediocre answers & just find new friends to hang out with.

And thats why i'm asking for your help. If you can, if you can't don't worry about it and just continue being you and enjoying our community to the best of your abilities - to consider looking at our Patreon page and making a contribution. All contributions will be going to making sure the server can be the best it can be - Whether that be cooler and more amazing giveaways for all of you, more frequent contests or being able to pay graphic artists like Chillzy of the community to make us cool designs, logos and emotes for you all to enjoy.
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When we hit 50$, we'll be able to host more contests and giveaways a lot more with better prizes every other month.

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