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Happy Chaps!
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To be honest, we love doing this, it's great fun and we aren't going to stop anytime soon, if you want to contribute, we're not going to complain, and we'll make it known that you're contributing to our community, and you'll be helping us to make these videos look and sound even better (as we know that it's very "indie" at the moment!) and offer giveaways on our livestreams!

All who offer anything, no matter how large or small, will get a mention/shoutout in our videos and we may implement a few more reward tiers in the future!


Rich and The Badger




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WELCOME!!! I'm Rich, and The other guy running this channel is The Badger!! Cheers for coming by!

We love video games, I've been a collector for bloody ages, and as well as video games we collect tabletop games (focused more on Warhammer 40k but willing to try out anything new and fun!) and general tech-based gaming gear, and a few years back we brought our gaming to and YouTube, we have a small but focused community with it too, which we've always wanted to grow and make into something more, offering more original content that our live playthroughs! Like reviewing hardware and software, doing pickups, unboxings, showing weird and wonderful things! And in time, more original gear, anything that's fun to do really
So again, to you all we say thank you, thank you for reading this, for your time, and most of all, for being yourselves, because that's what makes what we do so special to us and we hope that we can make a community that is as special to you all too!

All the love we can throw your way!
Rich and The Badger
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Better Mic's, Better Camera's, Just Better!
We want to make things look better and sound better for you, and while what we use is fairly decent already, this'll give us a boost to grab a good DSL camera...
...AND we'll start offering giveaways on our livestreams!
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