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Hello everyone! I am Fish and I am an entrepreneur, firearms enthusiast and gamer.

I have been gaming for over 30 years and I have played an expansive array of game titles. But I usually focus on shooters and strategy games based around simulation, teamwork and/or realism. When I'm not gaming, I'm typically at work where I am the CEO of my own technology company!

My first introduction to games was on the Intellivision console playing B-17 Bomber when I was about 5 years old. Since then I've owned most major gaming consoles. Around 1998 I built my first gaming PC and the rest is history. I've been gaming, mainly on PC, since then. I have shared my gaming off and on, through various Youtube channels over the years, but only recently has my interest really grown in content creation.

I primarily focus my efforts on streaming. With the recent demonetization issues on Youtube, it is not an ideal platform for gaming content creators. Additionally, streaming allows the creator to interact with their community in real time, completely changing the dynamic of the relationship between content creator and their audience.

How will the funds be used?
By pledging your support through Patreon and other forms of donations and subscriptions, you will be an active part in helping to support this hobby and help me keep streaming on a regular basis. Because I make a living from my company, 100% of the funds will be put back into streaming, in order to improve the experience for my viewers!

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