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About FishSandwich

What is up guys, FishSandwich here. :)
Thank you for visiting my Patreon page.

My Channel
I enjoy playing indie games and upload Factorio videos regularly! I also love talking to my viewers, so if you have any comments please post them! I try to reply to every comment!

Why YouTube?
I love gaming! I game a lot in my spare time, and figured I could bring pleasure to others by allowing them to watch my gameplay. :) Also, I've been doing it for almost a year now(as of Dec '14) and love what I do.

My Current Goals
I think 50,000 subscribers is a good number for strive for. I believe that is enough for me to have a small and loyal fanbase that comments regularly.

I would also love to start livestreaming as well as YouTube videos. At the moment, due to time constraints(working 9-5) it's not possible.

Giving What I Didn't Have
For up and coming YouTubers it's very difficult to get that first 100 subscribers. I remember for me it took a very long disappointing time to finally reach that number. Afterwards, my channel started gaining a decent amount of subs.

So, for channels that I believe have potential, I will support them in order for them to gain that first 100 subscribers. That could mean collaborations, reinvesting money I've earned etc.

$0 of $5 per month
The goal is to get a small group of people supporting me, to begin my community. :)
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