GM Jake

is creating A realm where Fitness and Gaming are combined!
Select a membership level
FitQuest Villager
per month
Get awesome workout ideas and gain access to exclusive gamified fitness plans!  Keep an eye out for special promotional challenges that can net you awesome FitQuest rewards!
FitQuest Explorer
per month
Designed for the casual player, this pack is recommended who have subscribed to the Hero Tier at least once.

The FitQuest Explorer has access to one session a week and additional content to keep you trying new and strange ways to move your body!

FitQuest Hero
per month
 Could it be? The hero of legend?

The Hero Pack includes a fresh pair of boxing gloves,

One Month of Unlimited Adventures,

and a forty-five-minute Character Creation meeting 

where you'll design a character, discuss fitness goals, and learn how to play FitQuest!

You'll also have access to extra member content!



About GM Jake

FitQuest is a group personal training/kickboxing class that is also a functioning Role-Playing game!

The Goal

The goal of FitQuest is to help people rediscover the joy of moving their bodies and using time-tested martial arts techniques to motivate and inspire them to become the hero they've always dreamt of.

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