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Hello, my name is Corey, or FlameEliwood as you might know me on other sites.  I am a visual artist and being a full time freelance is a career choice that I would love to get into and maintain!  Creating things for a living is my dream and I would love to be able to make that dream a reality.  That is why I made this Patreon!  I'm hoping that with your help you might be able to help me maintain being an artist full-time.  I've set up my Patreon so that it is purely intended to be donation based, however that does not mean that does not come without its own benefits.

The biggest benefit of all is that if you pledge a certain amount you are guaranteed a discount on my commission rates, which are done by the hour.  You can actually see my pricing structure by checking out my COMMISSION SHEET right here. I charge by the hour, so by pledging to my Patreon you can get a discount on my hourly rates.  I am almost always open to commissions, so if you ever want to get  something, please give me a holler!

And also, if you want to give me a one time single donation outside of Patreon, you could always drop a few bucks onto my PAYPAL.ME page

If this is your first time coming across me and you would like to see the content that I create, you can find me at one of these websites linked below.
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This allows you to see all of the artwork I upload in the highest quality!  This is generally for the sake of financial support.  I will be very grateful if you will be able to help me out!

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When this goal is met, I will do an exclusive stream for Patreon users only at least twice a month.  It won't have anything crazy going on during it, I will just be working on artwork.  But only Patrons will get to watch the art process.
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