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About Flamee

Hi, well i'm not really good at intro's or descriptions like this, so here I go:

Pretty much I have been doing art for, my whole life. I went through school doing art classes each year and event got accepted into a few art colleges when applying to colleges. However I never went with them as I had to go with the choices that would give me something 'better' in life and will help me be more financially stable in life. 

However I do not want to give up my dream of art and doing what I do. I still try to create things and post on other media platforms such as Deviant art and sometimes Instagram as well. I love creating things and having people enjoy them as well. 
However as of late I have lost a lot of motivation for my art. I feel as though no one notices what I am doing or that I am not doing good enough with my art. 

With Patreon however I am hoping to change that. I hope to get the inspiration I need to make something people will like and that I will truly like, and to feel happy with my art again. It has always been a dream and goal of mine to be able to have a career in making something good such as this and not be stuck in some office for the rest of my life trying to make ends meet. I want to enjoy life and create things and to share those things with people who will enjoy it as much as I do~

That is what I hope to get out of this website, and why I have joined and I would like to personally thank anyone who has been with me throughout my art career and has supported me and honestly any kind of feedback means so much to me~
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This goal is being set to help me improve on my pixel art and animations and being able to find the time to do so
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