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This tier will grant you access to everything posted on this Patreon page before anyone else.

You will be recognized and given the respect you deserve in Twitch streams when you enter the chat (please note this tier does not grant the 'Patron of Evil' tier on Discord, you cheapskate).

You will also be thought-of well in his Lordship's mind as an individual who has parted with an entire dollar each month... minus Patreon processing fees.

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Personalized Twitch intro when you first speak in chat each stream & 'Patron of Evil' perk!

You've bought my love, now it's time for me to return it in the only way I can really tolerate: a dedicated musical intro or sound effect of your choice up to 15 seconds in length which will play whenever you speak for the first time in every Twitch stream, as well as a flattering accompanying shoutout from Evil Minion Bot which you can help me customize. Yes, you can even put your own Twitch URL in there if you want. ANNOUNCE YOUR GLORY!

At this tier or higher you also get access to the ILLUSTRIOUS 'PATRON OF EVIL' tier on Discord, where you will have access to the entire Discord server, including the VIP sections, as well as a unique Patrons-only section, unavailable to regular Twitch Subscribers..!

This is a recurring perk and will continue so long as you remain a $10 Patron or higher.

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All of the above, plus a drawing or other digital creative piece for you to keep.

Preferred status, and I will pay one of my more creative minions or friends to create a piece of digital artwork - or other digital piece - dedicated to YOU, for you to keep, if you so wish. I do of course reserve the right to include such work on stream or in a YouTube video, but the piece will be yours to do with as you wish. You will become incredibly popular and vastly more sexually attractive.

It's kind of like paying twenty-five bucks a month to be my special internet friend. And that is PRICELESS.

The digital portrait is a one-time perk and is NOT recurring - however - for the duration of you remaining at this perk level If there is anything I can do for you, then drop me a DM and I'll be happy to discuss any extras you may wish for! 

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GREETINGS, MINIONS! It is I, the Flaming Monocle, and you may be thinking to yourself why on earth I have a Patreon account, when villainy purports to be the greatest source of vast wealth imaginable!

Well, stop thinking!

My task of taking over the planet and playing every single game in my vast Steam library, with a slightly-skewed moral compass is well and truly underway, and you can get in at the ground-floor as it were (or the umpteenth sub-basement!) as a dedicated minion or henchperson, by pledging to support the forces of evil!

But enough about that - if my task to take over the world is guaranteed, why pledge support?

Well, it's an ongoing, slow process. And to break up the monotony of constructing a mind-ray that has a wide enough beam to focus a whole planet, I have an enormous Steam library - with over 7,200 games at the time of writing. And it is my solemn task to play every single one of those games from A to Z, documenting each game for posterity and producing videos and livestreams for your consumption. Some consider this madness, others believe it a colossal waste of time, but I shall show you all!

Your pledge will not only cement your role at the Evil Volcano Lair as one of my most trusted and loyal minions, but will help fund the purchase of future games, charity bundles, and gaming and audio equipment. EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED IN THIS MANNER IS RE-INVESTED, ALONG WITH MY OWN FUNDS, INTO WORLD-DOMINATION AND PRODUCING QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR EYEBALLS.

Thank you.

- The Flaming Monocle

$18.14 of $50 per month
Jeff the torturer encouragement officer has always wanted to have a means to make his life more enjoyable. And with this amount of money, it'll mean that he no longer has to use rusty thumbscrewst the happy-rainbow-maker and wheel-of-joy, and instead we can make sure he has a healthy amount of... alternative means of being the best darned torturer encouragement officer there is! It will also mean that I will be able to write additional, Patreon-ONLY content which will knock your bloomin' socks off. 
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