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Welcome to the FlAsHiEsT zone and thank you for your support cause we just trying to give back to y'all and put a good reputation out there for the modders and hopefully you guys enjoy the litness of our community vibes and just have more fun and positive lifestyle of FlAsHiNg........!
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Flasher's are true fans of ice and FlAsHiNeSs; with this you get custom discord role and all that cool jazz....!
Includes Discord rewards
Flashyy Fan
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When you a Flashyy Fan you already know the drill; you get litness and ice from me when you need it.(shoutout etc)
Includes Discord rewards
Flashyy Soldier
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Flashyy Soldiers are the Guards of ice and they get supply with more Flashiness like shout out in streams, discord role etc.
Includes Discord rewards
Flashyy Admire
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When you admire ice and litness you get more than just that in return e.g.shoutout on social medias and streams plus custom discord role.
Includes Discord rewards
Flashyy Supporter
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When you support the Flash trend we support you with ice and glow in return(shoutouts in streams and social media, moderator of channel plus custom discord role). in a sign that we see ya'll effort.
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Flashyy Team/Squad
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Become part of the squad that don't play in being lit for the FlAsHyy fans #icedout with shoutout's in videos,streams,media etc; plus custom discord role and hang out and help with the production team/squad.(moderator)
Includes Discord rewards
Flashyy Lover
per month
If you love Ice you must love my lit content too, so with you showing it You'll get some VIP stuff on the channel,discord and social medias.
Includes Discord rewards
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If ya'll are supporting the content with this amount of love Then the community will just keep getting more lit you know what I mean :)
Talking of new equipments every now and then etc.
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