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Welcome to FlatsMafia Fishing.  Here is a little introduction of who and what we are.

FlatsMafia is a Brand/Lifestyle.  We specialize in GOOD TIMES & TIGHTLINES!  We started as a Fishing Apparel Line around 10 years ago, and have been on radio for over 2 years (102.5 The Bone on Sunday Mornings 8am-9am).  We also just started a TV show (FlatsMafia TV) that is unlike any other you have watched.  We have combined the reality of fishing with the camera.  We film what actually happens when you and a couple of buddies hit the water.  We are serious anglers but we like to have fun at the same time.  You're not going to see us with our shirts tucked in acting like we're fishing pro's.  Our group is probably best considered  " A Lil Classy and a Lil Hood"

On our Patreon Page we'd like to bring you and share with you some of our TV episodes and Podcasts. Here are some of the things were going to deliver: 
-Fishing Podcasts
-Fishing TV shows

-Hot spots and tips
-Interaction with crew
-Discounts on our Apparel

-The Booty..... That's right - anything we can help you with, we are here and easily approachable.  We know sometimes people in the fishing industry can be a little tight.  But when you join the mafia your in the group for life!

Thank you for checking us out!
James Garrison - FlatsMafia Fishing 

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