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Warning! Public Figure in Spirituality and Occultism Flerida "Medium" Todorovsky is Satanic. She continues to promote avowed demonic agent Mas Sajady after having been heavily warned. You would think her better mind would take ahold of her. But apparently not. It must be because she is Satanic herself.  

Todorovsky has attempted to harass and cyberbully whistleblowers who are exposing her dark inclinations, to the point of abusing flagging systems in the attempt to hide the truth that has been exposed about her.  However, her truth as been exposed in dozens of places.

Flerida Todorovsky claims to be an "exceptionally talented ... psychic medium." Todorovsky's claims are fraudulent, as evidenced by the fact that she has no problem promoting con man Mas Sajady. Sajady also lies pathologically, runs around with numerous alleged mistresses, advocates for orgies and cheating -- all the while claiming to be a "loving husband." Sajady also has expressed admiration for Hitler, encourages suicide, and appears to be under investigation by numerous authorities.

If Flerida Todorovsky is willing to promote a con like Sajady, and unable to see through his scam -- she clearly is no "psychic", and is herself a public health threat like the scammer Sajady she is promoting.

Why would Flerida "Medium" Todorovsky go to such lengths to promote a creepy con man? Is she an alleged mistress as well? Is she being paid by him?  Be warned, don't waste your money on a psychic scammer like Flerida "Medium" Todorovsky. The truth is here and shall remain.

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