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About Flip and the Wifey Destination America

What is Patreon:

If you're not familiar, or have never heard of Patreon, allow me to explain. Patreon is an amazing concept that lets you support a content creator financially for valuable content they create. In our case, it's the videos and Live Streams we create for you on our YouTube channel, and/or Social Media pages.

How this works:

Every month we try and publish between 4-8 YouTube videos to the Fish n Disabled channel, as well as a few Live Streams on Facebook, or YouTube. We will share that content here on Patreon to show you the content you are supporting.

Also, life on the road, we will be bringing you with us on our journey's to new exciting places is a bonus. Each video we make, creates

Where does your Money go:

Your support enables us to invest into producing videos and live stream episodes for Flip and the Wifey Destination America and Van Life. Plus, your support helps us replace broken equipment, and produce higher-quality videos. Not to mention, the cost of travel.

As you all know, it takes allot of time and resources to create exciting fresh content. Equipment, and traveling across the country, all in which have enormous expenses. Your support allows us to focus on making valuable content for you, instead of spending tons of time focusing on the financial side of creating video content, setting up locations to fish/camp for content, and Meet and Greets, etc..

Also, our Meet and Greets include fun games, giveaways, prizes. A Meet and Greet can cost us allot of money just to get the basics, setup the location, and that is with possible sponsors help. Not to mention, our Meet and Greets are also free for Patreons, Subscribers, and Group members to come and have fun. So, your support makes things happen!

However, If you don't have the money to support us, no problem! You will still get all of our free YouTube content and can come to our meet and greets or meet us at a new location we are traveling too for free! We do not want someone to feel they have to pay. We are only looking for financial support from the people who can offer the support. Lets make an amazing concept that we truly believe in a reality, together.

About us:

FnDTX / Flip and the Wifey are all about DIY's, having fun, and enjoying Life. About your host: Flip Masters is disabled, believe it or not. He has had numerous back and hernia surgeries, several fusions, a spinal cord stimulator, and a partially severed L4 nerve effecting his mobility in his left leg, but does that stop him from what he loves, Nope! He loves the outdoors. Fishing, kayaking, and boating, not just hobbies, its his way to get back to Life. Flips wife "The Wifey" has stood by his side through thick and thin. She is a outdoors woman and enjoys a good fishing trip as much as the next person. Most of the time she will out fish Flip any day of the week. A force to be reckoned with, she's a fighter until the end. With the support of Flip's Wifey and all you Patreons we can: Get back to Fish'n. Get back to Life.

Flip and the Wifey's motto is: Keep Moving Forward!

Now that you have met your host, Flip and the Wifey are all about getting back to what we love to do. At this time, we provide tips and how to informational videos on our new "Van Life series", and getting out and discovering new places to go camping and fishing on our newest adventure series "Flip and the Wifey Destination America". You never know, there might be something we create to help you on your way back outdoors and enjoy life. Who knows, maybe even just to build up enough go-get-um to get that project done you have been wanting to do?? The possibilities!

Remember, Be safe outdoors and have a great time!

We do YouTube videos and it would seem like all we do is DIY video's, and a little goofing off? However, there is another side to FnDTX! The desire to give back in the way we can! Since I am a guy that has a little back trouble ;) We made FnDTX to, well...Bring me back to life, and it has! So, we want to help others that might need this same pick me up, or anyone that wants to get out there and do something new and exciting! We want to bring life back to the average person who wants to check out new places, and learn new fishing spots when they travel, or just enjoy seeing new spots without having to do all the extra stuff!

So, help us help you  " Get back to Fish'n. Get back to Life".

You can get in touch with us via the website , on Facebook, YouTube or Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

We are located in Waco, Texas. Thank you all for watching, and being a part of Flip and the Wifey Destination America and FnDTX!!

Have a wonderful day!

#fndtx, #fnddonate, #fndtxsupport, #getbacktofishin, #getbacktolife, #fishndisabled, #KeepMovingForward, #FlipandtheWifey, #DestinationAmerica

Our first Video: Intro Van and Destination America / Van Life

Our Future Goals:

To provide a safe fishing experience for persons with disabilities to have the feeling of the outdoors; indoors! Wish I could tell you more, but that parts a secret! ;) Just to support and be there for someone, to help them Get back to fishing and Get back to life. Which is where our motto came from.

Anyone that would like to join us on an adventure, come on down! If you would like to meet up with us and go fishing, or just enjoy a day on the beach, etc.. Just let us know with an email or on one of our social media pages. We would be glad to have you out and enjoy a day outdoors. There is always safety in numbers, its always better to go out with friends.

My Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/member/FishnDisabled/
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/fishndisabled
You can also join our Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fndtx

Thank you so much for the Support! and remember "Keep Moving Forward"!!

Get back to Life.
~Flip and the Wifey Masters
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Welcome to Flip and the Wifey's Patreon. When we reach a goal of $500+. We have BIG plans! We will have more Meet and Greets, create a few new videos, "a Special Series" that will be exclusive for our Patreons. Also a Q and A's live stream series on Facebook, or YouTube.

As you all well know, this is an ongoing process. With your contributions, It helps us keep moving forward with new equipment, and the funds to make new exciting videos that are up to date, improvements on the quality of our content, and helps with mechanical issues with the van. Fishing equipment, and not to mention Entry fees,  park fees, fishing lic. in each state, etc.. Takes allot to do a video series of this magnitude!

We have new and exciting ideal, and with your help, we can make this a reality! So, Thank you for your ongoing support!

Thank you so much, and remember "Keep Moving Forward"!!

~Flip and Tina Masters
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