Florencio Yllana

is creating Fine Art, Paintings, Illustration, Digital art, Photo Art, Video
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About Florencio Yllana

Hello my name is Florencio Yllana and I am a multi media artist, father, and family man. For years I have supported my vision, my community, and family with my creations. I do fine art events, environments, fundraisers, commissions, freelance work, Illustration and design, as well as video, painting and performance. It has only been through the support of patrons in my life wether friends or family, that have helped me to continue to do what it is I love. I have been a traveler all my life and have been raised in museums and libraries where my love for variety and expression in all mediums flourished. I enter forty something years and have an amazing studio and support system that allows me to create and travel and share. I hope to expand my sphere of support and hope these projects inspire and motivate you to join in my process and help my vision grow. I am truly grateful for all my patrons new and old that have helped me continue my passion for art and life.
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I am creating a set of children’s murals at a recently donated space in Arraial D Ajuda, Brazil ??. We are in need of as many paints and materials to cover the walls of our new school which focuses on Montessori, unschooling, and Waldorf techniques to benefit the children enrolled. https://youtu.be/M84j0cSHvII
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