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Access Granted means that you are helping out the podcast with a small donation, you will get a shout out on the Podcast , and a personal Thank you from me.
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Donating Five Dollars gets you access level blue which unlocks the monthly mailbag that we discuss on the podcast, in addition to a one time thank you message for every question you send in.
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Access Level Red gives you all of the previous levels benefits as well as the ability to request a segment for me to cover on the Show. It can be anything gaming related, and I will write a segment and give you recognition. 




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About Flourine Fire

Hey guys, My name is Flourine Fire and I have a dream. I want to be a full time content Creator and I want your help to make that happen. Right now I run a gaming podcast but with enough money backed on patreon I can start a new podcasts dedicated to more of the things my fans love like science, cooking, movies, television, and more. I want you guys to know that donating to me means that you get something back that you love. 
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At 100 dollars I will start a new podcasts and will poll the community in what they would like to see me do, winning idea gets a whole new podcast creation released weekly just like my first one. 
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