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About Michael Robinson

NOTE: I'm on hold for a bit; applying to schools while working full-time and other endeavors means that I'm not able to give this patreon as much time as it really deserves. I hope to get back to making more resources sometime around April 2016, though I can't give any promises. Still, if you choose to sign on as a backer note that you won't be charged until/unless I publish more content (and I'll usually give a few days notice to backers before I do), but it'd be a great vote of confidence. Cheers!

There is a need for resources that promote the inclusion of transgender, queer, unsure, intersex, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, and gay individuals in the modern day workforce and organization.

I intend to fill at least some of this need. 

Rather than create proprietary resources only found behind academic pay-walls or upon small-scale consultation, I intend to provide high-quality resources for businesses, academia, and organizations on what they can do to promote and ensure queer, unsure, intersex, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, asexual, and gay (QUILTBAG) inclusion within their organizations (and, where applicable, customer base), with an especial focus on the needs of the transgender communities. These resources will range from educational treatises, to simple checklists, to easily digestible brochures, to in-depth and academically backed literature review.

Some content will be intended to be digested or presented on its own merits, but other content will include presentation notes, objectives, and handouts to allow others (such as in-house trainers or presenters in community organizations) to bring new experiences, knowledge, and change to their organizations.

And best of all I will make ALL of these resources FREE to print and share under at least a creative commons, attribution, no derivatives, non-commercial license. 

My intended work schedule is to provide one resource a month at first, all of them written in various formats and presented in PDF. Backers will receive "early access" to allow for editorial and content input for most, if not all, content. If there is sufficient interest from backers (and sufficient backer support) I will move to include audio and visual presentations as well, utilizing a combination of Prezi and presentation software similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. Upon completion of content, I will either announce my next resource to backers only or put up for a hidden vote with backers what the next resource will be.

My intended use of funds from this project is first to purchase server space and a domain to house the content, and then to ensure the materials and time to continue producing the highest-quality content possible (e.g. a higher quality camera, microphone, audio/visual editing software or paying for the service). I would also like to use these funds to pay for travel to allow me to make presentations around the continental USA around various topics.

Your support for my endeavors here will help in the creation of lasting professional resources that can be presented to ALL organizations to allow them the ability to quickly and easily educate themselves on the necessary steps to promote inclusion and equality for all QUILTBAG people.

Who Is Michael "Fluffy" Robinson?

Michael is a transgender non-binary/tumtum recent graduate of Cleveland State University's Diversity Management Program (DMP), a one-of-a-kind psychology master's degree focusing on organizational behavior, human resources management, and adult learning with a diversity lens. The DMP focuses on creating change agents for a globalizing world, wanting to help organizations grow and leverage the power of diversity. In their program Michael took especial interest in the treatment of gender and sexual orientation in organizations, noting a significant lack of real scholarly or professional work that studied the needs of non-cisgender (aka transgender and/or intersex) and non-heterosexual (aka queer, or LGBA) populations, especially where those populations intersected with non-white races. In fact, they made this the focus of their research thesis entitled "Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace."

Dedicated to the cause of inclusion, Michael believes that with the right tools, training, and a heaping helping of compassionate curiosity organizations can make real and lasting positive change toward the equality of all QUILTBAG people. They believe this must take multiple forms to take root, however; including internal change agents, external consultants, and the right resources, and current and academically rigorous research into the needs of these populations in conjunction to their various other intersections and axes of diversity. Simply put: it's a big job, but it's more than achievable, it's inevitable for any organization that wants to continue to prosper.

Michael is also a talented, experienced speaker and educator, and intends to continue speaking and to consult on issues of diversity and the QUILTBAG communities at all levels of system. Current workshops include: "LGBTQQIA Allyship As Praxis," "Romance and Sex; Unpacking (queering) our identities," "Fear of Feedback," "The Fallacy of Trans 101" (which looks at why structuring education around transgender identities is innately transphobic), and "The Gender Workshop: Unpacking what makes me." Most of Michael's workshops/presentations last sixty or ninety minutes by design. They can also design more traditional leadership and team-building workshops and trainings by request and with the input of an internal consultant. Please feel free to inquire about rates and opportunities to speak, even if it's on an unrelated or different topic.

Questions that they didn't answer? Please feel free to ask on Patreon.
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I will commit to releasing at least one twine or RPGmaker game a year, to be kept backer-only (and free) for a year and afterward put in a "pay as you may" format. PLEASE NOTE: I'm still a novice in both of these tools and these games will not be tremendously long; think of them more like short stories you get to experience for fun. Almost all will feature queer and/or transgender characters
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