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About Reggie Arnold

Hey! You’ve found my page. 

Folding fitted sheets is a task I’ve often found impossible and vexing but also highly amusing. When I first started publishing comics it was under that name, mostly words with snippets of illustrations. I branched out and wrote a webcomic for a while, and made several standalone comics. I have been sent countless videos on how one properly folds a fitted sheet and I’m no closer now than I was ten years ago to mastering the activity.

 Much of my art I feel like is suited to a name that expresses my amusement at vexation, as well as being a nice blanket (get it?) name for all the little comics, doodles, and full designs I produce. I work a full time job, but I love making art, especially things that touch on lgbtq folks. I hope you like what you’ve found, and if you back me then I hope you continue to enjoy the experience!

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