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Join the Creative Community and get access to the Patreon Only Feed. 😀

❖ Enjoy Work in Progress & Behind the Scene Photos and Video Clips!  🎨 

❖ Take a peak over my shoulder on my Sketchbook! 📖 

❖ Participate to Pools and Discussions about my Art and the Channel! ✔️ 

❖ Know everything about my new supplies, what I am up to at the moment, with some Exclusive Info about what will come next!  🤗 😙

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Have access to Real Time exclusive Watercolor Demo Videos! 😃 🎉 🎬 🎨 

Go live in my Sketchbook thanks to these special "unedited videos" where you can see me painting in real time. 

As a Creative way to express my Gratitude, I will also write Your Name in my Sketchbook  (yes yes yes, with my own little fingers! 😛😁) with the most lovely Calligraphy I can. 😌

You will have access to the Patreon Only Feed as well, of course. 😊😘

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Hi, and Welcome!! 🎉😃
Thank you so much for thinking about being part of our amazing Creative Community and supporting my work! 😊

❖          ❖          ❖ 

Anne-Laure (that's my whole first name) and I'm a passionate French Artist.
Watercolor lover, Urban Sketcher, Sketchbook Artist but also Author, Photographer and now Filmmaker!... I also like Calligraphy, Crafts, Cooking, Home Decor, Styling, Gardening... everything where I can bring a bit of my overflowing Creativity to. 😁

I created this Patreon especially to come with my YouTube Channel "Following the White Rabbit" where I offer Art Tutorials, Watercolor Demos and Artist VLOGS. 
I also share my Watercolors Paintings and Urban Sketches on Instagram at @annelaurewatercolor.


❖          ❖          ❖

Becoming my Patreon 
will give you access to a lot of Exclusive Content I don't get the chance to share elsewhere  like :
❖ Behind the Scenes & WIP Photos and Video clips 💙 
Day to day sharing of my Sketchbook Practice, and more! 💙
 Real Time long versions exclusive Watercolor Demos 💜
+ You will have Your Name in my Sketchbook!!

🍒 Cherry on the cake, it will also give us the chance to interact and exchange even more and better! 😃

As a Patreon, you will 
support my work through a small amount each month, stopping it as soon as you would decide it. 🙏  Feel free to choose between the options 💙💜💛 displayed in the column on the right! 😘

I hope, thanks to your invaluable support, to be able to keep working on this Video Project full time. 🎉 🎬  Patreon will also help to support the cost of video shooting and saving (always more hard-drives needed!!!! 😅). 💻
Plus, I would be extremely excited if this could also bring me to more and more epic crazy creative adventures to share with you! ✈️ Creating and VLOGGING while Traveling... all over the World!?! 😃 🌍
What if this might be an occasion to meet as well?! 😀 💜 🤗

❖          ❖          ❖

A Huge Thank You 🙏 to each people showing interest in my videos! 😙 Also, to every person taking the time to like, to share or to write a comment to express in such a lovely way how much you appreciate my watercolor style, the creative spirit I try to bring in my videos, along with my bubbly personality, how you call it. 😁😘

Plus, let me send a really special Thank You to those envisioning to become an even bigger part of my Creative Journey by supporting my work through this Patreon.
I hope you will really like to follow, in an even closer way, my Creative Practices & Adventures

THANK YOOOOU!!! It does mean a whole lot to me. 💛 🧡 ❤️ 💜

🎨 ⚔️

May the Creative Force be with you!!!

😁 ⚔️ 🎉  🎨  🤗

$330 of $500 per month

To celebrate this goal, I am going to plan a special Sketching Trip to Paris!! ✍︎

During this exciting trip, I will : 
❖ share Behind the Scenes and Sketchbook Work with you in the Patreon feed ; 
❖ make Artist VLOGS videos on the Channel to share the whole Creative Adventure (Watch me Paint / Sketchbook Tour / Vlog Style Talks / Cinematic Sequences)
shot a really special Exclusive Thank You Video just for you my Patreons, in Paris. I already have a lot of ideas about it!! ;)  

Your pledges will also contribute at keeping growing my tech equipment, especially buying more hard drives to save the videos!  ✓ :)

Hiiiiii!!! Thank you soooooo much for your support! <3

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts
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