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Five Potato workers
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This donation for our motherland will get us five potato workers.
Ten Potato Workers
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You just got us ten potato workers on our field, thank us.
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You're really wanting us to feed our glorious people with our potatoes from these hard working men!



About Glorious leader Stalin

Hello comrade, This is your glorious leader, Joseph Stalin.
I and Vladimir Lenin are trying to get many potato workers on our fields but we're the only ones currently and we need YOUR help to spread communism by potato fields and then we can conquer the lands of the Americans and Vegetals.

We need atleast 100 potato workers on our fields to conquer a part of Europe.

So help us!
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When we reach 1000 potato field workers, we are gonna conquer the lands of the Americans and make this a safe world for everyone! And free potatoes!
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