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Creamy goodness, the Mashed potato patreon receives a thank you card, a shout out, and a custom sticker with our logo. You will also get access to mini episodes with bloopers and side conversations that didn't make the cut on our monthly podcast.
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ForCollardGirls who were always told that G-d was a man until She finally spoke to them.

For Collard Girls is a journey, a conversation, and podcast, that shares the unique, bold and beautiful narrative of womyn of color who are in spaces in the church and the world. We are poets. Seminarians. Pastors.

We want our narratives as womyn of color to enrich and challenge all “faiths seeking understanding” in a world that is grappling with truth, justice, and femininity.
Join us on the journey and conversation about God, justice, and the world of #ForCollardGirls

With your support, we hope to...

Record and Produce a Monthly Podcast: We have already released  our first episode!! And will continue to release each month. Right now we are doing all of the editing and production in-house which means it takes us longer to get content out to you, our listeners. With your support, we hope to gradually hire a production team to do this work, which will give us more time to come up with more content in a shorter turnaround time with a more professional sound. 

Produce Original Music: Currently, we have purchased rights to our theme song and clips of other songs. But we know that good podcasts have good music along with good content. We would like to hire our own personal DJ and commission to pay for a theme song that is our very own! 

Send out Monthly Newsletters: Each month we plan to send out an informative newsletter with engaging content and thoughtful dialogue. With your support, we can pay other womyn of color to contribute their own voices to our content. We are in the business of empowerment and supporting other womyn and this is another way we can do so.

Merchandise: Every good brand has awesome merch for their fans, and we would like to have the same. We already have a great branding company,  Zerflin , who has helped us with our logo and designs for cool stuff like t-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers, and other cool merch. We would also like to hire other artists to make cool art to sell and giveaway. Of course, as patrons, you would receive some of these things just for your support!

Recording Equipment: We are so fortunate enough to have the support of  ANKOSFilms, who lends us their equipment to record. This is a long-term goal for us, but we would eventually like to have our own recording equipment that will enhance the sound of our final product that we want to give to you, our listeners. 

Special Guests: Our space is not just for us three co-hosts, but we are a collective of voices around the world and how much more enriched is the world because of so many different narratives we can share with our listeners. We would like to host a lot of womyn of color on our podcast and would like to pay for their time and travel. With your support we can do this more often and we can support many womyn doing this work. 

Social Media Promotion & Advertising: As we grow into a brand and produce more content we will need to keep up with our social media presence. With enough money, we would like to pay for ads on all social media platforms. As a long-term goal, we would like to hire our own social media team to keep us up to date and constantly relevant. 

Special Events: We thoroughly enjoyed having our launch party and sharing the podcast with our listeners. Who doesn't like a little party once in a while? We definitely do! One of our goals is to be a part of the joy and love in our hometown, Baltimore City, and around the globe. Whenever we can have special events and bring more people together for dialogue and laughter we're for it. With your support, we can have more of these events for our followers and surrounding community.

Intern: With so many young womyn entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to get experience in mass media and production, we would like to offer a paid internship position throughout the year. This is a very long-term goal for us, but when the time comes we'd like to be another space for young womyn of color to thrive and grow!
$36 of $100 per month

When we reach $100/month we will be able to hire our own podcast editor! This will give us more time to produce more content, and with better quality.
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