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Hot Hatch
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You get the satisfaction of funding my passion and goal to bring you entertaining content from the automotive world. But if that's not enough, you'll get a nice little "For The Drive" sticker to put on your car, house, or even your body (though I would recommend against the body).
Sport Coupe
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On top of the sticker you'll get from "Hot Hatches", you will get a prototype "For The Drive" t-shirt! Also, as always you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting other people's passions.
Sport Saloon
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I've thrown an alternative into the mix! Don't worry, you'll still get that sticker, but instead of a t-shirt you can have a photoshoot. We will agree a mutual location for a couple of hours for me to take a few photos of your car, come home, edit them, and send them over for you to post all over the internet.



About For The Drive

Hello and welcome to For The Drive!
I'm Graham, an automotive vlogger/YouTube/photographer, I spend my free time going to car events, getting hold of special cars and making videos of my car adventures. I am hugely grateful to all my followers and love what I do, so I've created this page for those who want to help me bring more to the channel by funding events, road trips, car rentals and maybe even changing cars. Any donations will be fully invested in the channel and I will do my best to bring you all the best footage I can.

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