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In this tier you will be publicly mentioned for your efforts to support outdoors education!  It's not much but I have to express my thanks somehow.  You will also be entered to win monthly giveaways! 

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I will send you a piece of commemorative cordage woven from the fibers of my very own Yucca plants here in the yard.  In it will be a knot that represents the moment you became a contributor to this channel and this cause, the moment when our stories intertwined.  Every knot you add afterwards will be your story and your story alone to create.  You will also gain access to exclusive content instructing you on how to tell stories that are nature oriented.

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At the $30 a month tier the donor will receive a 12X16 canvas print of a nature photograph taken and signed by me.




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Whatever you do for this land you do for everyone. I am a teacher and outdoor enthusiast and in order to do the most good for nature and humanity, I am determined to educate the world about nature and how live as a respectful member of it.

For centuries Humanity has decided to live in the world instead of with the world. I aim to change peoples minds about that approach.

Here's How:

1) Inspire people to connect with the natural world through videos and photos that will educate audiences how to connect safely, confidently and respectfully as we as display the beauty of the natural world.

2) Demonstrate the benefits of living symbiotically with a person’s environment through video as well as hosting educational events in my home and in the wild.

3) Create a sustainable and symbiotic home by researching and implementing living and building techniques and publishing the research and results as well as host people in my home as a way to support others with the same goal.

4) Connect with and strengthen the environmental organizations in Yakima and build a community of people that will display Yakima as an example of sustainable living.ple of sustainable living.

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At $500 a month For This Land will begin to make monthly donations of 33.33% of the earning of this channel to other outdoor education groups like Conservation Districts, Conservencies, and Outdoors Clubs.
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