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To fellow truth-seekers, flat earthers, "truthers," freedom fighters, volunteers, animal cruelty advocates, political activists, light workers...
To those of you who everyday wake up and strive to promote fairness, who try and bring balance, to the unbalanced, you are without fear and not alone. You should be applauded and be respected, for your great efforts and sacrifices, even though seeking recognition is not in your resume, portfolio, or your motivations: 

I started this path about 2 years ago (post “200 proofs” by Eric Dubay and Math Powerland's work, and others, hard to say exactly "when"), and the folks I’ve met along the way, have been some of the most genuine and amazingly fascinating people, anyone could possibly encounter. It's very possible, if you’re reading this, you may be one of them. Your steadfast courage, bravery, intelligence, advice, tutelage, and creativity has been an inspiration to both me, and many others. I also wanted to show my gratitude, recognition, and respect, to those who have come before me, like any serious student of history and truth, should properly address.  

The goal is about the social preservation of truth, our history, and our origin. In an age, where reality has become grey, muddy, and confusing, suppression and disinformation, have become the status quo. People have become so disorientated with fake news and mainstream media deception, to the point, where most have capitulated to the reality, of which is presented to us. There is even a demographic of people, who don’t even care. They are simply blissfully ignorant or, on the other hand, viscerally oppose to new information, or ideas. I've been told the best way to define it, is cognitive dissonance.

Scientism (the religion of science) and theoretical meta/pseudo astrophysics, has drove the wedge so far between Humans and our true nature, one might even say, they are knowingly hiding our origins. Our true makeup, of intelligent design, not of mere insignificant random happenstance, and Big Bang events. A singularity that came from nothing, is nothing, but created everything. This in my humble opinion, the most unlikely, and most illogical dogma and explanation of cosmogony, ever possible. For anyone who thinks the fossil record, has been completed and is absolute, do a little “digging.” Find out why certain groundbreaking discoveries, were found when they were, and what the circumstances were. Ask questions. Anyone who loves science and truth, knows they are a product of the Socratic and Scientific methods. All findings being open to criticism and scrutiny.
We could write entire volumes on how, who, and why this is now are fully accepted educational foundation of creation, cosmology, and origins, but their isn’t enough time or paper in the world, to visit this with respect. However, there is other ways...ways to show others, something isn't right.

Obviously this is just the beginning of whole new set of questions and I would like to share and contribute to the rest of the community, in anyway I can. It feels right. It feels right to question everything and to verify your "being." Some might even call this wisdom. 

Furthermore, all sorts of people, from all walks of life are creating change. Testing what they’ve been told. Scrutinizing their beliefs. And asking questions...
I will continue to gather, collect, and provide evidence and share others evidence of our flat earth truth. I will do my best to honestly bring forth data, testimony, and experiment, that lend credence to our flat and motionless plane, albeit the hand of intelligent design.
We are SPECIAL (not stardust special). Each and everyone of US, have a PURPOSE and a TRUE NATURE, that has been hidden from us. The flat earth cements a creator and forever shuts the book on Darwin. This was not an accident, or random happenstance. And we’re starting to ask questions.

Thank you for your participation and support, in the search for our true nature and purpose, that has been hidden from us. Love one another, love nature and its beauty, pay it forward, and be the difference. Much love and thanks from our flat plane. ❤️🙏✌️ We are the change.
$30 of $35 per creation
All funds will go to a protect the wildlife foundation, which I will post incrementally per $50.00 (the goal will be to find a different organization each time, to provide no bias and help all types of foundations, doing great work, protecting nature and the flat plane)

All donations will be posted transparently, so patrons know that all their support is going to the right place. This is not about me or you, this is about US and her! ✌️ ❤️
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