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Hi! I am a guy who makes tunes and games for fun.

Chances are you have discovered my works through my YouTube channel or Newgrounds, in which case, welcome! Nearly all of my available audio tracks are free of charge at the sole cost of attribution (read my licensing here). I also make soundtracks on commission. I have separate Bandcamp accounts hosting my personal albums and the soundtracks I have made so far. I also have a Twitter @ForgottenDawn and Facebook page.

Come join our Discord community! The server is filled with artists and creators from all around the globe. If you like sharing content or would simply like to hangout with us, then you might enjoy our quiet little corner.

Why Patreon?
I chose Patreon to give anyone the opportunity to support me directly, assuming they already know me as a content creator. Whether you'd like to leave a tip, the equivalent of a coffee, or anything along those lines, you're welcome to do so. Just know that you are not forced to contribute and I will never ask you to.

OK, but what's in for me?
Patrons are credited at the start of each new video and in the video description. That's about it. All my blog posts are already public and I keep a habit of openly sharing my thoughts and developments about multiple on-going projects, so that everyone's up to date. I often share demos, work-in-progress material, development notes, and pretty much anything concerning my creative process.

Just credits?
It's not flashy, but here's the thing. I can't afford to provide more than what's already available out into the daylight for free, and I no longer see any reason to withhold content from the public eye just to make a quick buck. I would rather keep it simple, direct, and transparent. It should also be noted that Patrons have complete freedom over their own pledges. They may subscribe/unsubscribe at any time, donate any amount they wish, and take their money back if they deem it necessary.

What will you do with my cash?
I consider your money here a precious investment. By pledging, you are opening a window of opportunities for the betterment of my own endeavor. Better edited music videos with more appealing and immersive visuals; sound engineers offering a studio quality mastering on my audio tracks; hired personnel for video game projects; community managers for better engagement, and the introduction of fun community-driven activities such as multimedia packs and jams. There's plenty of potential I personally can't wait to tap into.

Well, I'm sorry, but I can't give you anything right now! Maybe later.
That's fine! Look, I totally understand where you're coming from. Whether you're just passing by or even considering becoming my own Patron, or even are one already, you have my most sincere and humble gratitude.

Lastly, thanks for your attention, and, as always, I hope you stay tuned for more.
$1 - reached! per month
The best part about this goal? It's not even a goal! :D

Just kidding. I keep it low, so I can feel better about myself.
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