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About FourNerdFamily

Hi!  Welcome to the FourNerdFamily Patreon Page!

Our goal is to provide a large amount of content displaying video game Let's Plays, board games, and all sorts of nerd activities and hobbies!  In fact, our ultimate goal is to reach a point where we can do this all day, every day!  Because of the costs involved, not only in procuring and maintaining the technology and games involved, but in keeping us alive so that we fill all that time with recorded content, we need your support!

Every little bit helps, more than you'll probably ever know, but for patrons that can support us at higher levels, there will be several reward tiers available soon!

Please consider becoming a patron!  It will keep us alive and creating the content that, even as we speak, is filling up our YouTube channel!

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Thank you for your support! All of our supporters will be named in the credits on each video!
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Producers get special recognition in the credits, and will have significant input in choosing and editing content for the channel.

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