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Fourth Spirit, formerly Defense of the Patience, is a Dota 2 podcast network focusing on educational content going from the basics all the way up to high level pub play and pro analysis with a fun, casual presentation!  Our goal is to help introduce everyone from the newest player to the grizzled veteran get a bit better at Dota every week and build a community of like-minded folks in the process!

The community at large is based through our very active Discord chat channel Whether you're looking to troubleshoot a crazy new build, pick Proud & Ursi's brains, or to just find people for casual pubs, that's the place to go!  

The Patreon money we make goes to help fund all of the basic upkeep we have: podcast hosting services, website monthly costs, equipment upkeep, etc.  and everyone's support, whether it's just through listening,  telling a friend, or through direct support on Patreon, helps us continue providing free content every week!

Our website is currently under construction since the re-branding from DotP and can/will be found at, you can email us feedback or Teach Me Tuesday questions at [email protected], follow on on twitter @FourthSpirit, find us through our RSS feed (the same one as DotP in case you were already subscribed) on any podcast app, and on Youtube at Thanks for your support!
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Brick by brick we grow!  Donate to this tier to get a gold Patron status applied to your Discord role in the Fourth Spirit Discord  ( plus get access to all our Patreon-exclusive podcast episodes every other week! Patrons in discord gain access to a Patron-only locked discord chat channel as well!
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Double the Patreon Podcasts & Desktop Backgrounds!
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In addition to all previous rewards, $5 Patrons get hero-specific Patron-exclusive podcasts every other week covering the ins-and-outs of heroes with specific, extensive detail! You also get custom Dota 2 background wallpapers every other month made specially by Beedub!
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On-Demand Match Feedback & Guides!
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In addition to all previous rewards, $10 Patrons gain on-demand feedback from Ursi & Proud about games of their choosing and the ability to request hero builds/guides! Due to time required to give thorough feedback please limit this to ~2x a month per Patron. All builds/guides are posted in the #Patron-Builds channel in discord.
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$309 of $550 per month
Proud, Bee, and Ursi will be producing much more regular educational video content, including things like group-watch replay reviews, as well as super-specific mechanical & strategic content covering laning phase matchups, hero-specific things, late game decision making, team fight prioritization, and other things that are hard to cover without a visual component. 
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