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About Foxview

Hello Everyone,

We have been playing games for a very long time and we have created this channel because we simply love playing video games. We grew up playing games and that is why we decided to spend our free time talking about them and sharing our experiences with you. Our VlOG mainly focuses on the latest Reviews, News, comparisons and thoughts on the gaming world. We hope you enjoy it and find our content interesting

Games….The World We Believe In

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Hello Everyone!:)
Thank you for visiting our page. It has ben an honor creating videos for you guys for the past 3 years!
We kindly ask you to support us as this will allow us to produce more videos.  We believe in our work and we think we are unique on youtube.  We create a wide variety of videos.  Our main focus is Video Game Characters, PS4, Nintendo, PSVita, and various fun videos where we talk about the gaming world:) . We hope you enjoy it and find our content interesting.  Thank you again for your love and support!

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