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About Fragile Hearts

Hi! I'm Jacob! Welcome to my patreon!

I'm a programmer and game developer currently working on a project called Aoshima! 

Well, what is Aoshima?
Aoshima is a turn based style JRPG with all the classic staples and a few twists. You control a party of up to 6 characters and fight monsters in turn based, action meter combat. Additionally, each character can have a job from a pool of 28, through a promotion based system! Characters also bond with each other through battle, and through those bonds, you can unleash devastating team attacks! 

Why Patreon?
I can do everything on my own, without much help or support, and maybe put out a good product. But with support, both financial and just through people being interested, I can make a truly great game. Patreon supporters will get access to posts and behind the scenes looks at every level, as well as new builds to try out whenever I can get them.
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With $10 a month, I can get higher quality art made for certain scenarios! 
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