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About Fragments

This started out as a Survival & Prepping oriented channel but this has since evolved into a DIY focused channel.
My videos are however not strictly how-to videos but focus on the process of making items.
Most of the time this is done without voice over or subtitles although I won't rule out to create content with this sort of editing.
If you like my videos you can also check my Instructables account for step by step guides as well as my Facebook and Twitter for up to date news on upcoming projects.
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With just one dollar per month you will get access to the Patreon only feed including exclusive content, behind the scenes info as well as work in progress projects.
Exclusive content are YouTube Videos as well as Instructables Projects that will be only available to patrons.
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You will get a set of my channel stickers.
And all previous rewards

Arrowhead from Reclaimed Materials
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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These arrowheads have been made from an old saw blade. You can watch the process on my YouTube channel.

I have reserved 10 arrowheads and you are free to choose the shape and finish.

Your name, if you wish so, will be added to the end screen of all newly produced videos.

Mini Kiridashi
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per creation
If you are supporting me in this Tier you will get a mini Kiridashi with either a satin or flat black finish. There are a few option to customize the shape and size of this item.
T-Shirt & Credit
Limited (30 of 30 remaining)
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I will send you one of my newly designed channel T-Shirts
all previous rewards.
You will also be credited once a month (if you desire so) in one of my videos.
$10 of $20 per creation
Homepage & Online Store
Reaching this goal will pay for the monthly cost of setting up a homepage with domain name, online store etc.
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