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As I don't have too much to offer Patrons right now, I believe that all rewards should be unlocked, no matter how much you decide to donate!

By becoming a Patron you will gain access to:

- Exclusive blogs detailing upcoming projects, allowing you to help decide the topics of future videos!

- Be immortalized forever as a very cool dude by having your name appear in the credits of all future videos!

- 24-hours early access to videos!




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About Fraki

Hey there!
My name is Fraki! If you're on this page, then chances are you know me from Port Patrol; the show where I look at weird, interesting or knock-off ports of video games. Looking at weird ports is a bizarre passion of mine and over the past 6 years of YouTube, it turns out I'm not the only one with an interest in the subject matter!

However, to say my previous track record as a content creator has been 'flaky' would be an understatement. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, you deserve better than what I do right now! Occasional bursts of uploads with long breaks between them simply isn't good enough. So simply put, I want to get better. And with your support, I plan on being the best I have ever have been!

Cutting the chit chat, what exactly will you be supporting here?
Port Patrol is by far the most popular and often times requested segment on my YouTube channel. People are constantly in the comments recommending me new games to check out, so it's clear to me that this is the type of content the majority of my audience wants to see more of:
  • This Patreon will be directly supporting Port Patrol - Starting June, a brand new episode of Port Patrol will be uploaded on the last day of every month.
  • Donations will only be accepted once a new main series Port Patrol has been released to the public. There will never be any nasty surprises - Port Patrol will only ever release on the last day of a month, so you know exactly when money is being donated, and I'll be sure to give a heads up a week in advance just to be safe!
  • Of course, Port Patrol isn't the only content I create on my channel; I also do regular reviews from time to time. However, as these are not Port Patrol videos no money will be donated upon their release. You can think of these as nice, little free extras!
  • Port Patrol Portable also isn't included here, those videos are also completely free too!

But will the money be spent wisely?
All the money from Patreon will be re-invested back into the channel. This will allow me to improve the quality of videos I create, as well as expand the range of topics I can cover too! I would definitely love to invest in the following at some point:
  • A Better Quality Microphone - This will be a ways away yet, but I am looking into other new microphones, as mine can occasionally be a bit on the fritz. A better microphone means a better audio experience for you guys!
  • A Capture Card - This would allow me to greatly expand upon the types of games I can talk about. From consoles such as the Xbox 360 or Wii U, to more difficult to emulate systems like the N64 or Original Xbox, I would be able to look at games on these consoles in much more detail! And besides, there's just something so nice about footage that has been captured legit from the proper console, isn't there?

Okay, so what do I get out of this?
Of course, I'm not expecting your generous donations for free - I'm much too awkward and would feel incredibly guilty about doing so. Perhaps these incredible selling points will tide you over?
  • Higher Quality Videos! With your donations comes the added pressure on me that someone is actually paying money to see my content. With that added pressure, I promise that my videos will maintain a high quality standard, fueled by the ever present feeling that I don't want to disappoint anyone!
  • Patron Shout-outs! From now on, the end-cards of all my videos will contain credits thanking each and everyone of my Patrons! A little warning now - I plan on accumulating a backlog of created videos, meaning it may take a month or two for your name to appear. If this is the case, I will be sure to notify you when to expect your name!
  • Exclusive Updates! Patrons will gain exclusive behind the scenes bonuses, and will be able to provide their own input on projects as well as help decide topics of future videos!
  • Early Access! Patrons will be able to watch brand new videos, Port Patrol or not, 24-hours before anyone else!

Right, that's enough talking just get to the point already!
While I don't really know what to expect from this, if you do decide to help me I will be eternally grateful! I want to be able to continue showing you guys all the weird and wonderful ports I find, and this Patreon is an extra step that will help me with that goal!

Thank you to all those who continue to support my channel, even if you don't decide to donate! It's your love for my videos that keeps me going, so I promise to try even harder from now on!
$17 of $25 per Main Port Patrol
If we ever somehow make it to $25 per video, I will begin creating what would by far be the biggest video I've ever made. It will focus on every single port and version of Earthworm Jim there has even been, and for context, that would involve me talking about over 12 versions of one game; a big undertaking for sure, but one I really want to do!
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