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is creating Constant Con's Comic BOOKMOBILE aka The Constant CONvoy
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I'll shout your name to the heavens in my back yard so loud, your ears will burn with my gratitude. Also.... a monthly Constant Con Calendar both digitally and free to pick up at the shop!
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Constant Con HQ will tweet, post on Facebook, and Instagram ridiculously all about you and your generousnessness in addition to shouting your name into the heavens in my yard and the calendar.
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About Frank Powers

Hey LOOK! I was in the newspaper!
Tucson Weekly Article 2017

AND You're Back! 
Well Hello!
My name is Frank Powers. I am attempting to entertain and promote the movers, the shakers, the artists and makers in the Tucson community through fun and entertaining events centered around Art and collaborative creativity. 

I am the founder of Constant Con: Tucson's Cartooning and Comic Art Gallery. Constant Con as a concept was great! But the location and motivation of the community to come to us is tough.
SO I thought, why not bring the Con to you!

Enter the Comic BOOKMOBILE also known as the CONSTANT CONvoy! A BUS that we purchase and trick out into a Comic Con that goes on and on, ON WHEELS!

Being a bookmobile means being a mobile library that can bring not just the joy of reading, but the joy of reading COMICS to public events and gatherings around towns. Schools, camps, hospitals, libraries and even more events that we ourselves can throw in conjunction with local businesses. Like a car show or any Food Truck round-up.

In addition to that, being a roaming art gallery for the local art of Tucson as we travel to events and festivals around AZ with a long term goal of pursuing Comic Cons state to state and taking some of Arizona everywhere. Toot Toot Tucson!

We'll teach classes and workshops, create podcasts, celebrate Cosplay and throw events that are all intended to bring the Comic Con party to the community all year long. 

Help me go on and on by helping the wheels on the bus go round and round.

Your BF!F (Best Frank! Forever)
$3 of $100 per month
With all the weekly events i'm Throwing, Printing costs for promotions and signage are a true setback. Help me get some funds started for an Advertising budget so I can crank out all the FREE PROMOS I make which include Calendars, Bookmarks, Postcards and Posters. #PrintLocal of course #RRReproductions
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