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My eternal love and devotion! (Well, maybe not "eternal"... and "devotion" sounds kind of extreme...) Plus Patreon-exclusive polls and sketchbook updates!
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Who am I?
I'm an independent artist who's into high fantasy, low fantasy, religious iconography, and gothic horror! (also, pirates.) I like to use art to explore questions of gender, sexuality, race, and spirituality, coming from my own background as an ace, agender, biracial, formerly-Baptist Christian.

Visually, I'm inspired by gothic literature such as Dracula, The Beetle, and Frankenstein (hence the name), Lovecraftian monsters and gods, and pulp fantasy art. Basically, any excuse to draw a lot of eyes, wings, teeth, or tentacles is a plus in my opinion!

In between drawing and painting, I'm currently working on my first novel, a fantasy-drama tentatively titled Mist.

What's in it for you?

No matter what, all the work I post online is going to be 100% free to view. Your patronage will help me devote more time and energy into creating more content such as comics and paintings. Basically, you'll be helping me do more of what I love, which is making more of what you love! (If what you love involves creepy dark mystical things! But I digress...) As a bonus, patrons will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access of works in progress, voting privileges for what you want me to draw next, and entry into monthly sketch raffles! Pretty cool, huh?

Thank you so much for your support!

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Enough for a 5-lb bag of coffee at Grocery Outlet. Which will only last me about a month. Mmmmmm.
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